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Tips to Create Graphic Design Portfolio

Variety adds spice to your portfolio

Create a graphic design portfolio with various pieces of your past work. It is better to choose pieces where you have used different concepts and design skills in creating your work.

Remember that variety is an asset for a portfolio as this is the best way of giving an employer an idea of what you can do for them. So, if you have the talent, don’t hide it but flaunt it. But if you don’t have it, don’t despair, work at developing one.

One important trait you have to develop to create an effective graphic design portfolio is to be able to look at your work critically. Don’t add work that is not of good quality; remember that the portfolio is created to reflect your ability in producing high quality designs and in deciding what a high quality design is.

Use expert opinion when creating your portfolio

If you find it difficult to choose the pieces of work to include in your graphic design portfolio, you could consider getting some expert opinion. Many a time, an honest but brutal critique proves great in creating the perfect portfolio.

When creating your portfolio, it is better to include all the best works you have done so far. And if you are a newbie in the field, you may have to include everything you have done so far in the portfolio. Even things you have done for friends and family can be included in the portfolio, so long as the work is something that is complete and clear to look at.

Use the internet to create an online portfolio

You could consider enlarging your graphic design portfolio by volunteering your services for local, non-profit organizations. These organizations are usually more than happy to get some of their work done for free.

And to make things beneficial to you, you could request to have your business name and phone number added in the finished work you do for them, as advertisement of your work. This way, both you and the organization benefit, and you have extra pieces to add to your graphic design portfolio.

With the internet at your finger tips, you can create an online portfolio. This way, people and employers from all over the world will be able take a look at your graphic design portfolio, and decide on the feasibility of hiring you.