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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Online Website Templates

Starting a new business is always exciting. It can also be easy when it is done online. Business website templates can be used to put up an effective website inexpensively and easily.

Any business, whether a brick and mortar or Internet based business, does need to start with an effective business plan that outlines the parameters of the product or service you will offer to the public, as well as the revenue you expect to earn from it, the costs of producing it, and how you plan to finance the venture.

Finances can be less of an issue when you are starting out if you open an Internet based business storefront, which is much less expensive than paying rent for a location to conduct business. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can go into business online.

You will need a business website, and this is the point at which many new entrepreneurs face some difficulty. You might know all about your new product, but not about the inner workings of web design, HTML, not to mention online marketing. Online website templates can make all the difference in getting your new product or service out to the buying public, or letting your great idea fester without an avenue for public exposure and attention.

Online website templates are very versatile. They can function as landing pages for a search engine results list, or as landing pages when users click a link on your main business website which directs them to these pages. These unique mini sites can function as part of an already existing website, or they can stand on their own. They can also be removed from your server anytime you like.

Online website templates are also quick and easy to use. All you need to do is type in the information about your business and the products and services you want to make available to shoppers, and then upload it. Because experts in the field of web design and marketing have created these business website templates, you can be sure that they adhere to effective online direct marketing techniques and that they upload quickly when visitors click on them.

Business website templates take all the guesswork out of figuring out how to present your sales merchandise to best effect. And the best part is, they are free to use. You can spend hundreds on web site design and code, but you don’t have to in order to achieve great online direct marketing results.


Value of Website Redesign

Now that you own a website which is supposed to generate high quality returns. Is it doing so? Good, if the answer is ‘Yes’ but if the answer is ‘No’ then its time to provide your website immediate attention. You can determine it by yourself if at all your website needs a website redesign service at this stage or not? Here is how you will do it.

1. Take a close look at your website as a visitor and not as an owner. What do you feel? Does the Design of your website appeal to you?
2. Can all the main menus and the various links on your website be effortlessly found?
3. Does your website appear new with updated information and modern layout and does not contain outdated graphics or color theme or layout design?
4. Does your website carry a professional image for your website?
5. Is your website compatible with all modern browsers?
6. Does the design of your website walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your competitor’s website?

If you have answered ‘No’ to all or most of the questions above, in that case an efficient website redesign is the answer.

It is worth remembering that all redesign of website and improving alleviating the look of the website is a must at certain periods. There are number of reasons that can justify the above – mentioned statement

1. Making your website look more eye-catching to visitors – Among the most crucial causes that you must take into deliberation is layout design of the website. The graphics, images, colors, fonts used in the website should impart the aesthetic element of the design. If the current website you have does not meet the above convention, a website redesign is highly recommended to earn benefit from your website.

2. Properly arranged links on your website – The main navigation menus must be placed in such a way that it is easily visible to the visitor. If the links are difficult to be located on the website, it may lead to irritate the visitor who will very easily move away from your website to your rivals website. Whereas, the more you have manageable links the more it will provide the visitor with the desired information he runs after. If your existing website has the necessary message buried and frustrates the visitor in finding information, then a website redesign is a turnkey solution to invite more visitors to your website.

3. Flourishing the look for your website – The appearance of your website is the most vital factor. [There may be several things|there are many things| that you look for and wish to place on your website. But meanwhile you must remember that the style should be similar to the aspects like the nature of your business or the kind of visitors that visit your website. Most importantly the Homepage of your website should bring up your present business objectives. If more or less the website you own does not suitably focus on your business purpose or if you have upgraded your service or have added new products, website redesign should be thought of to reorganize the applicable information on the website in order to carry this message distinctly and efficiently to your visitors.

4. Constructing your website in an rightful manner – Organization of information available on your website is a very important aspect. If the information is not properly organized throughout the website, it should be organized such that the visitors conceive where to locate the information when they happen to visit your website. If the calculation of the website you own depicts difficulty of finding information on your website, its high time for you to opt for an overall website redesign.

5. Consider your competitor’s website – Change is the only thing constant in Present Industry. The website you have must keep in touch with the competition, failing which will end in the fact that your visitors will tend to move very easily from your website to your competitor’s website. If your website is more than 1.5 – 2 years old, it will also be technologically obsolete and will not be able to battle with the advanced websites. When it comes to this, having your website redesigned can prove to be enormously successful.

It can be summarized that a website redesign is always helpful if you want to improve your chances of improved business and expectant sales. Getting the website redesigned graphically offers you great advantage, not only in making it look alluring to your visitors but also add style to your website that can be immensely successful. Moreover the other elements will add the touch of professionalism to your website which is the ideal spokesperson of your business to the millions of visitors.

Web Design Tips

Navigation and Functionality

You should never sacrifice overall functionality for artistic extravagance. It is highly unlikely your site will ever achieve its purpose if the people who visit it cannot clearly and easily navigate around it.

Your site should look good but first and foremost consider how someone who knows nothing about the site would think when they landed there.

Something occurring in website frequently these days is Mystery Meat Navigation. This is a term coined by Vincent Flanders and it is used to describe site where navigation structures are so obscure and difficult to process that users cannot identify them at all and end up running there mouse across whole sections of a screen just to identify hyperlinks.


People say images are worth a 1000 words and in web design that’s true in 2 ways. Firstly an image can do a lot more than text in some situation but secondly they are much, much bigger files with a higher download time.

It is widely accepted users will click away from a page that takes longer than 5-10 seconds to load and every time you put an image in a page you are increasing the likelihood of this happening. Additionally each image you imbed into a page design activates an additional HTTP request to your server so dividing an image into smaller ones or using lots of small images across a page does not solve the problem.

ALT tags should also be factored into the code of a website. They are a huge help to people who have either images turned off in a browse, mobile broswers that can’t read the images or a random error preventing the image from showing. They also hold a small SEO benefit.


It is advised that you use CSS and not tables to format a document but in some cases tables can be necessary. Remember one thing however, a table cannot be displayed until it has fully loaded. This can potentially cause a huge problem for users as they wait for the page to load, nothing appears then out of nowhere the whole page is done.
Someone is much more likely to click away when nothing is loading than when they can see progress.


Don’t design sites to use fonts only you have, chances are they will be converted into some dull font and ruin the effect you were trying to achieve. Save special fonts for specific headers and convert them to images. Make the rest of your site in standard fonts so that as many browsers as possible will see it in the way you meant it to be. Recommended fonts for high scale compatibility are Arial, Verdana, Courier, Tahoma and Helvetica.


Plug-ins hold a lot of potential for both users and designers but it can easily be misused and misguided.

Plug-ins have a many forms and uses, the most popular being Java and Flash Player. I have heard a lot of people say that these plug-ins are “safe” and that everyone has them but this is simply not true. Every plug-in has a stack of different versions and connects differently depending on the browser the user is surfing with.

Think if your users will really want to browse to other sites to download a plug-in, restart the browser then navigate back. If the answer is no use other tricks at your disposal to make your page unique and save the big guns that are Flash and Java for times where it is essential.


The “tags” I am referring to hear are meta keywords and description, title, alt and h1 tags. Together these tags help manage your sites search engine optimisation (SEO) potential and this is defiantly something not to overlook. Helping people find your site will bring more traffic in and more conversion if you are a retail site.

The higher search engines rank you the more traffic will filter down and the more successful your site will be. Try to keep a constant theme running through all your tags but do so in a subtle way. Splashing the same word 1000 times on your page will only have negative effects so make sure you strike the correct balance between informative and spammy.


In a perfect world everyone would use the same browser and your website would look the same on everyone’s screen but unfortunately this is not the case. Every browser has its own specific functions and styles and learning to make you code cooperate with both can present some serious problems.

The three you really need to concern yourself with are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. These make up a good 95% of the browser market at the very least and while there are some additional popular browser I would not recommend you spend time optimising code for the rest.

The only thing you can do is do your best and stay away from browser specific functions, you’ll never make someone get a new browser.

Pop Ups

Something that is very important to remember is that the user should be in control of their browser and desktop. Do not place unnecessary pop ups and window opening links everywhere and the user will feel they have lost control of the site, become annoyed and close the windows.

There are some exceptions to using the (_blank) attribute but I would steer clear whenever possible.

Text Layout

Text is part of your design to and positioning it correctly on the page is very important. Try to get all the copy you need as early in the design process as possible. This means you will be able to design around the copy instead of trying to cram it into smaller spaces because someone wrote twice as much copy as they said they were going to.

Use the right alignment for the right situation, remember 99% of people will prefer left align and while justified look aesthetically better it can be very difficult to read in longer bouts.

Site Search

In this day and age finding what you want on a website in paramount. After you have followed the first tip on navigation you should also provide a search bar on your site so that a visitor who cannot immediately see what they are looking for can search. Many internet studies have seen the success of these smaller additions to your site and free ones are available from Google and many other SE operators.


Tips to Create Graphic Design Portfolio

Variety adds spice to your portfolio

Create a graphic design portfolio with various pieces of your past work. It is better to choose pieces where you have used different concepts and design skills in creating your work.

Remember that variety is an asset for a portfolio as this is the best way of giving an employer an idea of what you can do for them. So, if you have the talent, don’t hide it but flaunt it. But if you don’t have it, don’t despair, work at developing one.

One important trait you have to develop to create an effective graphic design portfolio is to be able to look at your work critically. Don’t add work that is not of good quality; remember that the portfolio is created to reflect your ability in producing high quality designs and in deciding what a high quality design is.

Use expert opinion when creating your portfolio

If you find it difficult to choose the pieces of work to include in your graphic design portfolio, you could consider getting some expert opinion. Many a time, an honest but brutal critique proves great in creating the perfect portfolio.

When creating your portfolio, it is better to include all the best works you have done so far. And if you are a newbie in the field, you may have to include everything you have done so far in the portfolio. Even things you have done for friends and family can be included in the portfolio, so long as the work is something that is complete and clear to look at.

Use the internet to create an online portfolio

You could consider enlarging your graphic design portfolio by volunteering your services for local, non-profit organizations. These organizations are usually more than happy to get some of their work done for free.

And to make things beneficial to you, you could request to have your business name and phone number added in the finished work you do for them, as advertisement of your work. This way, both you and the organization benefit, and you have extra pieces to add to your graphic design portfolio.

With the internet at your finger tips, you can create an online portfolio. This way, people and employers from all over the world will be able take a look at your graphic design portfolio, and decide on the feasibility of hiring you.