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Innovative Ways to Make Your Website Professional

Don’t use too much animation

Having too much of blinking text or excessive graphics can actually distract visitors from your site. The key to good website design is to ensure your pages are clean and focused and help visitors find what they’re looking for.

Pop ups are a strict no-no

Pop ups are very irritating, take away from the purpose of the site and in general serve no useful function at all! Great website designing is all about leading the customer to making purchases online, instead of getting them distracted and irritated along the way!

No image backgrounds

You will be surprised to hear this but having an image background on your site can actually send out the wrong signals to customers! Any professional web design strategy will never use such images. They send out an impression that your site lacks quality, is unprofessional and is generally sub-standard.

Organize and categorize

This is one of the most important elements of good quality web design. Products are well categorized and organized to help visitors find what they’re looking for easily. You could

Web Design Mistakes

Web Design’s Scariest Backgrounds

The background of your website is one aspect that you have control over and you can easily change or alter to suit your client’s needs. You must be aware, however, that some backgrounds are simply not attractive at all. Some of these backgrounds that should be avoided at any cost are :

• A completely black background with light or white text superimposed upon it. Even the best web designers in the world have difficulty achieving an appealing look with this type of background. It gives viewers the impression that you are imperious and condescending and does not do anything to encourage readers to stay on your site. Also, some browsers, when used to print a page, also print background color. This could cause complaints from customers who are not happy about the amount of ink they used in order to print a single page.

• A completely black background with dark words. This is an even worse background choice than the previous one because the words simply cannot be seen without great difficulty. In order to read the text, visitors to

Web Design Tips

Navigation and Functionality

You should never sacrifice overall functionality for artistic extravagance. It is highly unlikely your site will ever achieve its purpose if the people who visit it cannot clearly and easily navigate around it.

Your site should look good but first and foremost consider how someone who knows nothing about the site would think when they landed there.

Something occurring in website frequently these days is Mystery Meat Navigation. This is a term coined by Vincent Flanders and it is used to describe site where navigation structures are so obscure and difficult to process that users cannot identify them at all and end up running there mouse across whole sections of a screen just to identify hyperlinks.


People say images are worth a 1000 words and in web design that’s true in 2 ways. Firstly an image can do a lot more than text in some situation but secondly they are much, much bigger files with a higher download time.

It is widely accepted users will click away from a page

Know the Reasons why Have A Professional Website is Important

Educate and improve consumer relations

A professional website allows the business to provide increased information about the services offered. This information can also include company description, and contacts that improve consumer relations. Increased interaction between the business and consumer, as well as opportunities for feedback, and order placement can greatly enhance confidence and reliance on the services.

Continuous promotion of services

Websites can be accessed at any time of any day, making promotion continuous. Consumers can locate details about the business such as hours of operation, location, prices, and description of services at any time, and without the hassle of costly advertising such as television, and print.

Increase the market and consumers reached

Developing a professional website allows a business to promote beyond conventional markets, expanding cross-country or worldwide for both local and national corporations. These websites also expose the business to a larger amount of potential consumers which increase the target audience.

Conduct market research

Professional websites make it easy to actually monitor the activity, and necessity of the services offered. Businesses can enhance their sites for market research purposes by adding message boards, and feedback applications. Businesses can find

Tips to Choose Seo Web Design Company

There are many pros and cons that come with SEO. When the designer is finished completing it you may still find a great deal of structural and design issue that should be revisited. Unless your designer has a great deal of skill when it comes to SE friendly designs, you will be working on a lot of structural issues. The positive side of this issue is that we get to work on the site and the designer won’t feel bad when you explain something that needs to be changed.

In another story, when you work with the designer, you will find that the designer will get personally offended when you want to make changes to his structure of your site or he may challenge you about your views on SEO friendly websites. Take for instance the argument that an All Flash Site is more appealing.

The SEO may argue that Flash will not be read properly and will have less spidered content that the search engines will see. The Designer will say that flash is read on Google easily. The SEO will tell them that it doesn’t in the same way; you have to maintain that

How to Pick Relative or Fixed Table Widths?

Whether you choose to use relative or fixed table depend on your content and the amount of control you went over the result. Many Web design prefer fixed table because they can be sure that their view of the content will be the same as the users. The current trend is to provide content in relative table that adapt to different screen resolutions.

You can set relative table widths as percentages in the table WIDTH attribute. If you choose relative table widths, your table resize based on the size of the browser window shows a table with the WIDTH attribute set to 100 percent.

The browser will try to fit the SEO content into the window, wrapping text as necessary. The advantage of using a relative width is that the resulting table is more compatible across different browser window sizes and screen resolutions. The disadvantage is that you have little content can shift from user to user based on browser window sizes.

You can set absolute table widths as pixel values in the table WIDTH attribute. Fixed table remain constant regardless of the browser window size. The advantage of using affixed table is that you

How to Ensure You Get A Great Web Design?

It is with a great web design that you will be able to create a good impression on your site’s visitors. In fact, the success of your website is greatly dependent on how it attracts visitors and how much user friendly it is. It is not enough to just drop and drag pictures for an effective web design, lots of thought and forethought is required to get the perfect design for your website.

The most important point to consider when creating your web design is the concept of your site and what you intend to propagate through the website. All this has to be done before you actually start working on your web design. If your website is to be a personal website, consider how you intend to show your personality and style; and if it is a commercial website, choose the design depending on how you intend to broadcast your products and services. With a lot of forethought, you will be able to choose the right theme for the website, and save lots of headaches.

Use positive points of other websites in your web design

Research to find out what other websites with similar

Web Design Flow

The concept of flow was first introduced (academically) by a psychologist named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He said there is a state of concentration that can be achieved when attention, motivation and situation are all optimised which come together to result in a large amount of productive effort. The concept of flow is very similar to modern sayings such as “in the zone” or “on a roll”.

Getting people into this mental state on a website you are designing is important as it will allow the user to look at your entire site and pick up whatever information you are offering and lead to a more likely conversion whether that be a sale, enquiry or just lasting visit.

Putting flow inside web design is all about making things as easy as possible for a visitor or potential customer and this can be looked at in several ways, goals, efficiency, feedback and discovery.


The first concept of goals is critically important for all websites and especially for retail. The flow of your site should take your user through relevant information and to your goal so deciding what that is should be your first step. After you

Web Site Design Rule

Do Not Use Splash Pages

Splash pages are the first page you would see when you hit a web site. They tend to have a nice picture or photo with the words, “Welcome” or “Click Here To Enter.” They may look attractive, but functionally, they are empty and a waste. The search engines are looking for solid content on your index page and a splash page doesn’t cut the mustard. It also gives your visitors a prime oppotunity to click away. Make that first impression count!

Do Not Use Excession Banner Ads

People have trained themselves to avoid making eye contact with banner ads. If you are advertising on your site, the best advertising to do is in-context link ads. It’s more of a pre-sell than a hard sell and will make all the difference.

Create A Simple And Clean Navigation

The simpler, the better. People are coming to your web site for information. They want the solution to their problem answered and want to find it quickly. Avoid flash and drop-down menus. Keep it simple, easy to navigate and easy to get back. A visitor should never, ever be more than 3 clicks away from your Home page.

Have A Clear

Filenames And URLs in a Website


The maximum length of the filename, valid characters and punctuation, and sensitivity to uppercase and lowercase letters all very among operating syste as described.

Case Sensitivity

If you have an image file named picture gift, for example, and you reference that file as the image will display properly on a Macintosh or windows machine.On a UNILX server, however, the image will not load properly windows machine.On a UNLX machine, picture, gif and picture gif are two different files. It is best always to use lowercase letter for all filenames Remember to use lowercase letters in filenames in your HTML.Code as well.

Character Exceptions

Character use also is incompatible between operating systems. For example the filename my stuff.htm is valid on a PC or Macintosh,but not on a UNIX machine because of the space in the filename.If you transfer a web site containing my styff.htm to a UNIX server, the links to the file will not work.

File extensions

Use the correct file extension to identify your file to browser.HTML text files must end in.html or .html. Be careful to add this extension when you are working in Notepad, which

The Best Web Design Software

Macromedia’s Studio 8 Suite Academic Software Package

Macromedia Dreamweaver

My first choice for HTML editors is Macromedia’s Dreamweaver. It has an easy to use, intuitive user interface and state of the art design tools. With a customizable user interface, you can work the way you need to. Although the student software doesn’t come with manuals, Dreamweaver has excellent online tutorials.

You can design intricate CSS-based layouts and designs easily with tools that allow for quick selection and control of page and site wide style properties. There is a built in graphics editor that uses Macromedia Fireworks technology. Dreamweaver allows you to develop HTML, XHTML, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, and Macromedia ColdFusion websites.

It has a cross-browser code validation feature that automatically checks tags and CSS rules for compatibility across all the leading browsers and allows you to configure browser preview for multiple browsers.

One of the nicest features is the Property Inspector that enables quick, comprehensive property editing that makes getting it perfect a no-brainer. This is the editor I use to create and maintain all of my web sites. I have used the entire professional and many of the other HTML

Web Design Elements

Web Design Balance

The fundamental concept behind Web design balance is an appropriate layout of the heavy and light design elements on any page. The layout of the page will eventually determine how well balanced your design is. It is important to ensure that each page achieves balance throughout, and not only in the top part of the page. It is not uncommon for your web design company to give you guidelines to follow such as making sure the text and other elements are all centered on the page or that you should arrange everything according to a preset grid system to help you achieve the required balance. The three main types of balance that you may consider as you design your page are :

  • Symmetrical. Symmetry can be achieved by repeating everything that you do on one side of the page on the other. A heavy design element on the right should be matched by a similar one of the left. The elements should not be exactly the same, however, because that would make your page look uninteresting and uninspired.
  • Asymmetrical. Building a website with an asymmetrical design theme can be difficult. However, with the right

Building Better Links in Web Design

The importance of links in a web page should be obvious to any designer, whether experienced or not. Your clients will undoubtedly request that links be placed in the sites you create for them and your web design company will ensure that you do so. Designers must not forget that the overall content of a site is not limited to the text, but includes images, links and all the other relevant components of a properly designed web page.

In Web Design Links Reinforce Scannability

Online visitors to a site are almost always drawn first to images. Links are the next thing that they notice, because they are always underlined and coloured differently from the rest of the text. Your web design company is likely to instruct you to make sure that links included in each web page catch the attention of viewers. Links, in addition to good textual content, will allow readers to scan through your web page quickly. Links will only do this effectively if they are well-worded and have some relevance to the content of the rest of the web site. Your web design company will probably make an effort to emphasize the

Online Website Templates

Starting a new business is always exciting. It can also be easy when it is done online. Business website templates can be used to put up an effective website inexpensively and easily.

Any business, whether a brick and mortar or Internet based business, does need to start with an effective business plan that outlines the parameters of the product or service you will offer to the public, as well as the revenue you expect to earn from it, the costs of producing it, and how you plan to finance the venture.

Finances can be less of an issue when you are starting out if you open an Internet based business storefront, which is much less expensive than paying rent for a location to conduct business. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can go into business online.

You will need a business website, and this is the point at which many new entrepreneurs face some difficulty. You might know all about your new product, but not about the inner workings of web design, HTML, not to mention online marketing. Online website templates can make all the difference in getting your new product or service out

Value of Website Redesign

Now that you own a website which is supposed to generate high quality returns. Is it doing so? Good, if the answer is ‘Yes’ but if the answer is ‘No’ then its time to provide your website immediate attention. You can determine it by yourself if at all your website needs a website redesign service at this stage or not? Here is how you will do it.

1. Take a close look at your website as a visitor and not as an owner. What do you feel? Does the Design of your website appeal to you?
2. Can all the main menus and the various links on your website be effortlessly found?
3. Does your website appear new with updated information and modern layout and does not contain outdated graphics or color theme or layout design?
4. Does your website carry a professional image for your website?
5. Is your website compatible with all modern browsers?
6. Does the design of your website walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your competitor’s website?

If you have answered ‘No’ to all or most of the questions above, in that case an efficient website redesign is the answer.

It is worth

Tips to Create Graphic Design Portfolio

Variety adds spice to your portfolio

Create a graphic design portfolio with various pieces of your past work. It is better to choose pieces where you have used different concepts and design skills in creating your work.

Remember that variety is an asset for a portfolio as this is the best way of giving an employer an idea of what you can do for them. So, if you have the talent, don’t hide it but flaunt it. But if you don’t have it, don’t despair, work at developing one.

One important trait you have to develop to create an effective graphic design portfolio is to be able to look at your work critically. Don’t add work that is not of good quality; remember that the portfolio is created to reflect your ability in producing high quality designs and in deciding what a high quality design is.

Use expert opinion when creating your portfolio

If you find it difficult to choose the pieces of work to include in your graphic design portfolio, you could consider getting some expert opinion. Many a time, an honest but brutal critique proves great in creating the perfect portfolio.

Things to Look for in Web Design Program

Web site designers require a vast array of skills, not all of which are (or can be!) taught in the classroom. However, there are certain skills that all Web designers should know. First among these is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code, which comprises the building blocks of the Web. All Web sites, no matter how fancy or how focused on Flash animation, consist of HTML at their core.

Although most designers now use Web editing programs such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver to design Web sites, in order to understand what is actually happening when the Web site loads, you need to know HTML. For entry-level positions, this markup language can be enough, but for more advanced positions, you should learn one or more other markup languages, such as XML (eXtended Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), as well as one or more scripting languages, such as JavaScript and ActiveX.

You will also need to learn the basics of making a Web site look neat and professional. Although it may seem elementary, there are a wide range of techniques involved in creating a Web site that flows well. A logical site is designed to allow the

Build A Website

You can design and build your website with a lot of effort. But that alone does not guarantee that your website will be a success. You have to give importance to factors that will encourage people to visit your website. You can market your website in many ways, to increase traffic to your website. However, online marketing is quite expensive.

When you do not have a lot of money to spend, it is important to build a website that is set up in the best way for search engines. Making sure that all of your web pages have good keywords will help you save a lot of your advertising budget. People use keywords to find out more information about words or phrases.

Once you find a reliable hosting company, register a domain name for your website, sign up, construct your site, and publish it, your site will be available for all the world to see. It is very easy to create a simple and effective website. Make sure that the hosting company you select offers registration, hosting, and site building tools for the domain name that you plan to use.

To build a website that

Basics of Create Your Own Website

If you are not aware of the steps involved in the development of a web site, then this article would definitely prove to be of immense help. What is a web site? A web site can be defined as a collection of images and/or web pages which are stored using a web server on the Internet. A web site can have videos too.

It would be apt to say that web pages are the pillars on which web sites are constructed. That is why you must have a fairly good knowledge of the number of web pages you would like your web site to have. The number of web pages a web site should have depends on the quantity of data that web site requires.

You are able to ‘create your own website’ simply if you have a general plan of the workings concerned in constructing a web site. You ought to have a drawing of the web site you plan to construct in advance. Furthermore, you ought to make certain that the web site that you desire to put together fits in your financial plan.

‘HTML’ editors are commonly used to write web pages.

About Website Design

The modern business world is dominated by the Internet. There are all kinds of software solutions and platforms to integrate your business with the web, but one of the easiest ways is to create a simple site for your business. This site can market your wares, or describe the services you provide. Whatever the site is used for, though, website design has a big role to play in the public reaction to your material.

Web Design is a new term that describes the act of creating a software and site to use online. This career is focused on achieving the ability to design sites and programs that are functional and visually attractive for visitors. One great thing is that you don’t have to have extensive college degrees to design a basic site for yourself or your business.

If you are a bigger business, then you probably will want to seek out a professional to help you with your website design. Hiring a professional may cost you some money, but you will not have to worry about some of the problems that you would run into if you were to build the site on your own. There